Dr. Koppel, pain management specialist

Dr. Todd Koppel, Interventional Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Koppel is a board certified fellowship trained interventional pain management specialist. He trained at The New York Hospital and the Hospital for Special Surgery (the premier orthopedic training institutions in the region). He studied at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and Concell University Medical College in New York City.

Dr. Koppel has over 20 years of experience treating conditions of the neck, back and joints. These include disk herniations, vertebrogenic spinal disorders, and pinched nerves, among many others. Patients undergo a thorough evaluation and receive a comprehensive treatment plan. Over 90 percent of the patients are improved with the treatments and avoid surgery.

“In my 20 years of practice, I have developed a therapeutic approach utilizing evidence based guidelines in the treatment of various pain conditions which exist. I have seen patients undergo many months of therapy without significant benefit. It is appropriate to start with a conservative approach, however if the condition does not respond within a reasonable period of time (such as two to three months), these treatments are unlikely to result in long term benefit. Interventional therapies are relatively simple, take minutes to perform, and are extremely safe. I utilize minimally interventional techniques to both diagnose and treatment the cause of the pain. In my practice, I have treated thousands of patients who might have otherwise undergone surgery, which has much greater risks, complications, and a recuperative time. Most patients have either seen their condition improve dramatically, or have been cured altogether.”

Dr. Koppel

  • Board Certified Pain Management Specialist
  • Cornell University Medical College Graduate
  • Pain Specialty training at The New York Hospital and Hospital of Special Surgery
  • Twenty years of experience in the treatment of neck, and back pain
  • Utilizing the most update and state of the art treatment

Treatment Objectives and Goals

Basics of Interventional Treatments:

  • Treatments are performed in modern outpatient surgical centers.
  • Conditions are diagnose utilizing minimally invasive techniques
  • All treatments are performed under light anesthetic sedation
  • Treatments are relatively quick, and patients are kept comfortable throughout
  • Most patients can resume their normal activities the following day
  • Minimally interventional techniques are utilized to treat many different types of spinal condtions