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General information about conditions which cause pain. This may include neck, back and joint ailments. Includes information on anatomy of the spine and joints, and diseases of these areas.

Chronic Muscle Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain is pain which originates from skeletal muscular in the body.  Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue in the human body.  More than 600 muscles work to aid the body in movement and stability.  When muscle tissue is … Continue reading

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More Than Just Managing: Does your pain need an intervention?

Aside from cold, flu and upper respiratory conditions, the most common reason people see a doctor is due to neck and lower back pain. The causes of neck and back pain can vary greatly. Some are attributable to repetitive injuries, … Continue reading

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Why You Should Avoid Back Surgery

Every year thousands of people undergo surgery on their neck and lower back.  Many of these could and should have been avoided. Surgery on his spine is very aggressive, has a long recuperative time, various complications, and most importantly in … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Steroid Injections

Corticosteroid injections are the most common types of injections for a variety of painful conditions.  Sports medicine and pain management physicians utilize corticosteroid injections in the treatment of all sorts of joint and spinal conditions.  Such intra-articular degenerative conditions include … Continue reading

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30 Reasons Why Visiting Your Doctor More Often is So Important

Please click on the following link: 30 Reasons Why Visiting Your Doctor More Often is So Important

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Why Go to a Board Certification Physician

I have been in the field of pain management since 1997.  Since that time I have seen it explode from a relatively unknown specialty into an extremely popular field.  There are several reasons for this.  The most important is that there was a … Continue reading

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Medical Management for Chronic Pain

Most if not all pain management physician’s websites talk about interventions for treating back pain.  Few if any discuss medication management.  This is a complicated topic, but one which needs to be addressed.  All physicians in this field should prescribe … Continue reading

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Causes of Back Pain

In order to discuss what treatments are performed, you need to understand some of the basic anatomy of the spine.  This article will concentrate on the lumbar spine.  The spine is covered and supported by many ligaments and muscle groups.  … Continue reading

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When should you see an interventional pain physician?

Cervical and lumbar spine injuries are the second most common reasons why patients will see a physician.  Common diagnoses include disc herniation’s, pinched nerves, arthritis, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. These can arise from repetitive injury, incorrect posture, stress is … Continue reading

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