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I had been suffering from back pain for three long years. I had gone to many doctors, chiropractors, therapists, etc. before seeing Dr. Koppel. And I tried everything, including Epidurals, but nothing helped. I was told the only option for me was a fusion. I knew someone who had this, and he still has pain. Went through this huge operation for nothing. So I wasn’t overly optimistic when I saw Dr. Koppel. But during my visit, he was positive that he could help me. He first did a Novocain injection, which took away most of my back pain for a few days. Then he did what he calls a “Zapping procedure”, to deaden the painful area. He took away about 75% of my pain! I now have some days with no pain, for the first time I can remember in years. I sometimes take medication he gave me when it bothers me. I almost had to retire early, and hadn’t been able to do much of anything before. Now I can work, take my grandson to the zoo, and have mostly a normal life. I can’t thank Dr. Koppel enough. If you have pain, he’s the guy to see. 

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and thought my career was over. I was having disabling back pain, which would shoot to my left leg. Sometimes I would get these spasms that were incapacitating. I couldn’t sit at my desk, and walking more than a few blocks was unbearable. I was referred by my chiropractor. Dr. Koppel first tried two Epidurals but this helped only for about a week. He wanted to do this Laser procedure, “state of the art” he said. But first he had to test the disks with a needle. I read a lot about this, and people say it’s horrible. Ya know, I don’t even remember the test, but it did hurt afterward, no kidding about that. He found the problem, and was able to remove the pinch on my nerve through a pen hole incision. My leg pain in gone, and I’m about 80% pain free. I would recommend him to anyone. 

A few years ago I was told they needed to fuse my spine. I had horrible back and leg pain. Afterward, my leg was better, but I still had so much back pain. I tried medications, and injections, but these were only temporary fixes. Dr. Koppel talked me into trying this stimulator. First he put it in as a trial for a week. It took away almost all of the back pain. I was able to go to the mall and shop without pain for the first time in years. Then he put the permanent one in in the hospital. It sends a tingling into my back when I have pain. I can turn it up or down, and make it go higher or lower in my back. Now I can walk and do my daily exercises without regretting it afterward. He has given me my life back and I am so grateful. 

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