Treatment of Patients with Automobile Accidents


I specialize in treating patients who have had personal injury. This may include automobile accidents, workmen’s compensation, and other injuries. I have been caring for such patients in my practice for over 20 years.

Pain from motor vehicle and other accidents can be severe and debilitating. We understand your concerns and needs. Our priority is to get you the right treatment quickly, to help alleviate your pain so you return to your normal activities, and to work with your attorney to obtain the best outcome possible.

I am the First Provider you should see

You should first consult with us before seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist. A medical doctor has the most clout with your automobile insurance carrier. Initial treatment is always conservative, and I can recommend which type of therapy is best for your particular condition. It will greatly help your case if I am involved in your care in the early stages. Lastly, your attorney will need a medical doctor to write reports and possibly testify, areas which I have a great deal of experience.

We work closely with attorneys to win your case

I will work with your attorney, or can recommend an attorney who specializes in personal injury. We know what an attorney needs to win your case, and we will provide you will everything that is necessary to achieve that. We will expedite therapy, obtain MRI studies, and if necessary, implement pain treatment, to achieve a quick and successful outcome. I am very hands on, either on the phone to discuss a case, or answering emails from attorneys directly to give them updates.

We get Attorneys the information they need quickly

Attorneys always tell me that my office is great to work with. We get them the reports that they need quickly so that they can do their job to win your case. We handle a great many requests for information including medical records, billing ledgers, certifications and narrative reports (which summarize the entire treatment course).

Cognizant of Patients financial issues

Patients who suffer automobile and other personal injuries may also find themselves with financial constraints. I will fight for you to get you the care that you need from your insurance company. Other offices will cut off treatment if care is denied, we will not. Also, unlike other offices, we will go after the insurance company and not bill you for your treatments.

Treatment of the Patient is my first priority

Taking care of you is my first priority. I will always have your best interest at heart. Pain interventions are an important part of the treatment of injured patients. You can be assured that my treatments are appropriate, medically necessary, in your best interests. The ultimate goal being to alleviate the condition caused from the accident.

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