crashed car - personal injury

Treatment of Patients with Automobile Accidents

As a physician who specializes in treating pain, caring for patients who have been involved in automobile, workmen's compensation, and other accidents is certainly an important part of the practice. I have been caring for such patients in my practice for over 20 years.

Conditions warranting treatment from motor vehicle and other accidents is not dissimilar to the conditions of patients who I treat in the general population. However, one distinction is that as these injuries tend to be more acute. As a result, they cause patients to seek care sooner and thereby the patients have the opportunity for better outcomes.

I am the First Provider you should see

You should first consult with us before seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist. A medical doctor has the most clout to get treatment approved by your automobile insurance carrier. Initial treatment is always conservative, and I can recommend which type of therapy is best for your particular condition. It will greatly help your case if I am involved in your care in the early stages. I streamline your care to achieve the best clinical and legal outcome. Also, only a medical doctor is qualified to read MRI studies, an important part of the diagnostic work up. Lastly, your attorney will need a medical doctor to write reports and possibly testify, areas which I have a great deal of experience.

Building the case, while providing exceptional care

I work closely with personal injury attorneys, and therapy offices including physical therapists and chiropractors in the treatment of patients who have experienced motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately, in my opinion, my high quality treatment goals often coincide with the patient’s attorney’s objectives. My goals include treating the patient efficiently and expediently, doing a thorough evaluation, forming the diagnosis, and implementing the treatment regimen. Attorneys are concerned about “building the case” while I concentrate on treating the patient, but these go hand in hand.

My office is second to none both for clinical care and clerical efficiency

Clinically, I always strive to provide the best care for my patients as possible.  Moreover, my office works cooperatively with attorney offices and has been optimized to handle all related aspects in this regard. To work with and build successful relationships with attorney offices, our back office needs to be as focused and professional as our clinicians.  Attorney’s requests for information will be handled expeditiously. Consequently, we provide timely responses to requests for medical records as well as billing ledgers and proactively send attorneys updates on the course of their client’s treatment. We also produce certifications when appropriate and narrative reports at the conclusion of care which summarize the overall clinical course. My office is well-versed in all these aspects and has always gotten high praise from attorney offices for our ease of communication and response time.

It is my ultimate goal to provide the highest level of care and to improve the condition of every patient. Likewise, the attorney is focused on resolving the legal case to the best of his/her ability. Only through a collegial effort is the patient/client best served.

Cognizant of Patients financial issues

Patients who suffer automobile and other personal injuries may also find themselves with financial constraints. I have been treating automobile accident victims for 20 years. As a result, I aggressively advocate for my patients with their insurers to get them the care that they need and obtain insurance reimbursement for them as a result of my comprehensive documentation.

Treatment of the Patient has and always will be first priority

The care of the patient has and always will be paramount. Both the doctor treating the patient but also the lawyer representing the client should have his and her best interest at heart. Pain management interventions are certainly an important part of the treatment continuum in the care of accident patients.  Our patients can always be assured that what is being done is appropriate, medically necessary, in their best interests, and for the ultimate goal of alleviating the condition caused from the accident.