4 Thoughts on “Dr. Koppel perfoming an Epidural Injection (video)”

    • You can’t have an epidural in the back for pain, uacebse you won’t be able to move for at least five to six hours. It numbs you from the waste down. You need to have the disc corrected by surgery. Until then, you could go to a Pain Center and have Cortisone injections. or your family Doctor can give them to you. But I wouldn’t get addicted to them, besides you can only have an injection every two or three months. Please just get the disc repaired. Good luck to you.

      • Miyasa,
        These techniques, specifically the percutaneous disk decompression, are minimally invasive permanent treatments for disk herniations.
        Not all patients will be a candidate. It depends upon the results of various tests. My goal is permanent treatment of the condition.
        However, some patients do very well with simple epidural injections.

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