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Varicose Veins All Too Common for Americans 50+

Are you afflicted? Two-thirds of the adults with painful leg veins are female who face a handful of risk factors including:


Careers prone to lots of standing


If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to complications such as leg ulcers and life threatening blood clots.

There Is Hope For Anyone Suffering from Painful and Swollen Legs

Vein ablation has been proven to be a very effective varicose vein treatment alternative to the painful surgeries and stripping techniques that have been used for the last eight decades. Specifically, the VNUS® ClosureFAST™ device represents a major step forward in catheter technology for many reasons.

VNUS® ClosureFAST™ is a superior varicose vein treatment option and offers the following benefits:

  • worksfaster than traditional treatments
    much less painful than general surgery or vein stripping
  • out-patient procedure – patients resume
  • normal activity the next day
  • healthy circulation is quickly restored

You can also treat the underlying cause with VNUS Closure®, an original, minimally invasive treatment with the following benefits:

  • 30-minute procedure in the office
  • Resume normal activity,usually next day
  • Less painful recovery than laser
  • Less burning than laser
  • 98%of VNUS Closure® patients would recommend the procedure

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CREDIT: Dr. Scott Koppel, Family Podiatry in Gainesville, FL

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