Natural Injections for Pain Syndromes

Presently, muscles, joints, and back pain conditions may be treated with corticosteroids, regenerative injections, or surgery. Corticosteroids are beneficial but have contraindications in patients with diabetes and heart disease. Regenerative therapies such as platelet rich plasma when stem cell injections are expensive, and surgery is highly invasive and risky as well.

There are other injection therapy‘s which have been around for many years, but are not well known. Two naturopathic injections which can be beneficial for many conditions include Traumeel and Zeel, manufactured by MediNatura.

Traumeel* is a homeopathic medication indicated for the treatment of injuries, inflammatory and degenerative conditions of the musculoskeletal syndrome. Zeel* is a homeopathic medication indicated for the treatment of arthrosis, asked you arthritis, and rheumatic joint disease. Traumeel is believed to inhibit Interleukin and other inflammatory mediators, reducing the inflammatory response.  Zeel is believed to inhibit Arachidonic acid (similar to Cortisone) and improves synovial joint fluid.

Conditions which may be treated include:• osteoarthritis of the knee
• arthritis in small joints
• carpal tunnel
• rotator cuff syndrome
• epicondylitis
• fibromyalgia
• muscular pain: acute and chronic sprains and strains
• achilles tendonitis
• plantar fasciitis

These are safe for patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and when there is a contraindication to corticosteroids or NSAIDS.

In conclusion, these neuropathic injectates are now available that can reduce joint and muscle pain, stiffness, and inflammation. They are much more safe than corticosteroids, less costly then regenerative therapies therapies, and less risky than surgery.

* trademarks of MediNatura

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